A chimney is a great feature in a home. While the recent trend has been toward gas-powered fireplaces, there is something about a traditional wood-burning fireplace that just can’t be replaced. Between the feel of the fire and that wonderful crackling sound, winter nights are just not the same when you flip a switch to turn on your fireplace. With all of that said, there are some very real maintenance concerns that come along with having a real fireplace, including those related to your chimney.

Without a properly functioning chimney, you can’t safely burn wood in your fireplace. You need a way for the by-products of combustion to leave your home, and that path is up through the chimney and into the air. If there are problems with the chimney, your fireplace will be out of commission. Or, if you do decide to use the fireplace despite the problems in the chimney, you may be putting yourself and your family in a dangerous situation. As the title of this blog post clearly states, chimney maintenance and repair is not something that can wait.

We Are Talking About Fire!

Fire is one of the most serious threats to your home. With a fireplace, you are intentionally setting a fire inside of your home. Think about that for just a moment and the severity of the situation will become clear. If you are going to purposefully start a fire in your house, you need to make sure that safe conditions are in place. The fireplace needs to be in good working condition, as does the chimney. This is not somewhere you want to cut corners, as the implications could be quite serious. If you think anything at all is wrong with your chimney, it is a good idea to have the issue addressed right away – before you even think about starting another fire.

Watch for Warning Signs

While a professional team such as Karbella Construction is your best bet for having your chimney repaired, we can’t be on-site at all times, monitoring the health of your chimney. For that reason, chimney care starts with you. By taking the responsibility to monitor the performance of your chimney on an ongoing basis, you can spot signs of trouble and call for help as necessary.

One sign of potential trouble in your chimney is damage to the mortar joints. The bricks which make up the chimney may be exposed to extra moisture when mortar joints are damaged, meaning the condition of the chimney could deteriorate quickly. In the worst-case scenario, the chimney could ultimately collapse if this problem is not addressed. Also, any signs of moisture in the chimney, such as a rust in the firebox, should be cause for concern. Visit our masonry repair page for more details.

Call an Experience Team

If you discover that your chimney needs professional attention, you don’t want to trust such important work to just any contractor. The chimney is a key piece of the overall health of your home, so it should be handled by a contractor with the skills and experience needed to do the job properly. For the best masonry Cleveland, Ohio has to offer, Karbella Construction is an easy choice. We offer chimney repair as part of our masonry services, and we are confident you’ll be happy with both our work and our prices.  To get started right away, give us a call and discuss your needs. We’ll be happy to offer a free quote on chimney repair or any other masonry tasks you need to have completed.