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The most vulnerable part of a commercial building in Cleveland, Ohio is its roof as it is constantly exposed to the rain, snow and sun. It is of the greatest importance that it be constructed of the most appropriate material and that a regular maintenance program is in place to ensure that any defect that develops in the roofing system is rectified immediately before it can damage other parts of the structure.

Karbella Construction has been in the field of maintaining and repairing the roofs of commercial buildings for many years and our skilled and trained workmen are equipped with the latest technologies and up to date training to address any problem that may crop up.

While a commercial roofing system can develop defects in many areas, we have seen that a majority of problems fall into one of these categories:

Water Leaking in Through the Roof – If water accumulates on the roof there is a higher probability of it seeping into the building structure and appearing as stains on the ceiling or on the walls. If a leak is not noticed for some time it can lead to rusting of the steel deck of your roof or it can even eat into light weight insulating concrete and gypsum decks.

The resultant damage can be expensive to repair and we recommend that you call us as soon as you notice any deterioration in your roofing system so that we can guide you on the corrective action to be taken.

Defects in Roof Flashing – The integrity of flashing installed around the perimeter of the roof to protect the area where it meets the wall is critical to prevent leakage of water into the structure below. If the flashing is damaged it will allow water to pass through and any delay in repairing this essential component of the roofing system will lead to expensive repairs at a later stage.

Skylights – Although skylights perform an important function they are prone to letting water into the room below if the area around the edge of the frame is not well sealed. Slow leaks could result in seepage of water through the roof and cause damage to the interior of the building.


At Karbella Construction we are familiar with every type of commercial roofing system including TPO roofing systems, BUR systems, EPDM systems and Modified Bitumen systems. Our team will do a thorough check of your building’s roof and help you devise a plan to keep it in perfect condition.