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It is essential to maintain the chimney in your house in good working condition. Neglecting this important task may result in several problems including the walls in your home becoming stained with moisture or even exposing yourself to the risk of your house catching fire.

At Karbella Construction we pride ourselves on our expertise in chimney repair and reconstruction and urge you to have your chimney inspected by us so that we can guide you on your options. Some of the services we offer in addition to complete chimney reconstruction are:

Chimney Relining – The liner is an essential component of the chimney and helps guide combustion by-products out of your home and into the atmosphere. If the liner in your chimney was not installed properly or is deteriorating or defective, it may result in particulate matter in the air you breathe in your home. In such a situation, it is advisable to replace the existing liner. There are several types of liner available and our technician will advise you about the one which suits your requirements the best.

Flashing Repair – The chimney flashing on your roof is susceptible to deterioration because of constant exposure to rain, snow and sunlight. If this happens, moisture can seep into your walls and cause serious damage that would be expensive to repair. If you notice any dampness around the area where the chimney is located, it is better to take preventive action and call us. We will inspect the flashing on the roof and determine whether it needs to be repaired.

Masonry Work – Constant exposure to the atmosphere on the outside and combustion by-products on the inside, results in the mortar used in the construction of the chimney to wear away. As the mortar cracks it allows moisture to enter the chimney. It is essential to scrape out the ineffective mortar and replace it. This is a highly skilled job which we are eminently qualified to handle, as our workmen specialize in tuckpointing, the process of reapplying mortar in such a way that the original state of the brickwork of the chimney is restored.

Crown Rebuilding – The crown is the upper part of the chimney which prevents water in the form of rain or snow from entering your home. It covers the flue opening in a manner that allows smoke to escape out into the air, while acting as a roof for the chimney. As the crown wears away or becomes cracked or damaged, it will allow water to seep in. If repair work is carried out at an early stage you can prevent extensive damage to your home.

Firebox Rebuilding – Your firebox is exposed to extremely high temperatures which can reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Although it is constructed of refractory mortar and firebricks, it does get degraded over time and needs to repaired or replaced. A defective firebox can result in hot gases or burning embers escaping into surrounding walls. Our technicians will inspect the firebox and carry out the required repairs.

Karbella Construction would love the opportunity to visit your home or business in Lake, Geauga, or Cuyahoga County and give you a free quote on your next masonry or tuckpointing job. We have expert masons that can repair your brick or stone fireplaces, chimney, exterior walls, and more in Mentor, Painesville, Chardon, Willoughby, Euclid, Cleveland and many other Northeast Ohio communities.


How Often Should My Chimney Be Maintained or Repaired?


You probably don’t spend too much time thinking about your chimney. In fact, three months out of the year, you likely don’t think of it it at all. However, just like every other component of your home, the chimney does need to be inspected, cleaned, and occasionally repaired in order to serve you and your home for many years.


So, where do you start? For most homeowners, a licensed mason is not on your speed dial, but a masonry contractor should be your first call to schedule inspections or repairs. Karbella Construction is a licensed and certified chimney and masonry repair contractor. Our team will perform a full inspection of your chimney and present any concerns or make recommendations based on our findings.


How often should my chimney be inspected?


The frequency in which your chimney should be inspected depends entirely on how often it is used. If your primary heat source is your fireplace, then your chimney is likely to collect soot and creosote a far more rapid pace than if you only occasionally use the fireplace for entertainment and enjoyment. During a chimney inspection, the inspector will look for any build up or blockage, or other debris that may be compromising to your chimney or put you at risk for a chimney fire. The inspector will also check for signs of wear and tear, including loose bricks, missing mortar, and other signs of aging.


How often should my chimney be cleaned?


In most cases your chimney will be cleaned during your routine chimney inspection. If your fireplace and chimney are used at all during the course of the year, it is extremely important that you schedule a chimney inspection and cleaning annually; preferably prior to the start of the heating season so that the inspector can clear any blockages and approve the chimney before use.


What types of repairs does a chimney need?


Like a roof, your chimney receives a great deal of exposure to wind, rain, and extreme weather. These factors, combined with age, will take a toll on your chimney over time. The most common types of repairs are cracks in the flue, brickwork issues, and damage to the chimney cap and chimney crown. The chimney flue is the inside lining that was likely installed when your chimney was built. In most cases clay tile was used as it is the most economical option. However, clay tile is not as durable as other options like stainless steel and can become damaged. A homeowner should be aware that a damaged flue can expose the household to dangerous gases including carbon monoxide or even provide exposure to flammable parts of the home. A fireplace should never be used with a broken chimney flue.


Moisture, erosion, and wind can all causes brickwork problems; slowly wearing away at the mortar over time. As the mortar weekends bricks may become loose or even fall out of place, compromising the structural integrity of your chimney and even putting your roof or home at risk if the chimney work to collapse. A chimney inspection can help catch these issues before they become a serious problem.


How long should a new chimney last?


Depending on the materials that are used to build your chimney, most especially the materials used for your chimney flue, new chimney should be expected to last anywhere from 20 to 50 years. Having your chimney routinely inspected, maintained, and repaired will help you to maximize and extend your chimney’s lifespan.


Karbella Construction is a licensed and certified chimney and masonry repair contractor serving the greater Mentor, and Cleveland, Ohio region. Recognized by HomeAdvisor as a Top Choice, Screened & Approved, Elite Service Roofing Contractor for many years, our team is eager to work with you on your new or existing chimney, flashing, crown, firebox, or masonry project.


When you’re looking for the best chimney and masonry repair contractor in the greater Lake, Geauga, and Cuyahoga Counties, contact the team at Karbella Construction to see how we can help you. Visit us at 38341 Western Parkway Unit H, Willoughby, Ohio 44094 or call us at 440-742-2287.