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Cleaning and Maintenance

It is essential to schedule regular cleaning and maintenance of your roof and gutters. A clogged gutter will result in a cascade of water running down the side of your house in a heavy downpour. Apart from damaging your siding, the accumulation of water can result in seepage into the basement and can even weaken the foundation of your house.

Karbella Construction has a range of roof and gutter cleaning and maintenance programs to offer. We will be glad to inspect your home and advise you on the best solution available.

Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance – It is necessary to clean your gutters at regular intervals to prevent leaves and other debris from accumulating and clogging them. Normally, yearly cleaning should suffice unless there are tree branches overhanging your house. In this situation you may need to get the gutters cleaned twice a year.

You may want to get covers installed to restrict the amount of debris that enters your gutters. These covers take the form of mesh-screens, clip-on grates or porous foam. While they do help to some extent, it will still be necessary to have the muck from the gutters physically removed at regular intervals.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Asphalt Shingle Roof – Over a period of time you may notice black spots or streaks on your roof. These are roof algae, which use the nutrients in your shingles, moisture from the atmosphere and sunlight to grow rapidly to form ugly stains on your roof. Our workmen will use a roof cleaning liquid that has been specifically developed to address this problem, to restore your roof to its original condition.

Apart from cleaning your roof, Karbella Construction will replace missing shingles and check that all of them are securely fixed in their position so that the integrity of your roofing system is intact.

Karbella Construction has a high degree of expertise in cleaning and maintenance services for all types of roofing systems and gutters. Our in-house technicians will devise a program that meets your specific needs at an economical price.