Every day, your commercial roof is exposed to the elements and harmful weather such as wind, snow and rain. In fact, the sun even causes damage to your roof over time.

As a result, your roof accumulates damage over time. And while these damages can start off small, they will grow into very costly repairs if they are not taken care of. Let’s see some signs that you can look for that show that your commercial roof might need to be repaired.

Troubling Signs for Commercial Roofs

Having your roof inspected and maintained regularly by a proven commercial roofing company is a cost-effective solution to prevent costly issues from appearing over time. However, if you don’t have a trained eye available to see the problems, then you should keep a cautious eye on a few scenarios to find problems as they arise.

The main issue can be spotted from inside the building. The first thing to look for is water stains on the ceiling and in the walls, which is a sign that there may be a crack or a hole in your roof. Mold or odd odors are also caused by the same issues mentioned above. Even the smallest leak can be a sign of big trouble, so it is extremely important that you contact experienced, proven roofing contractors right away.

As for other issues, they need to be seen on the roof. The main ones we have seen include issues in the roof flashing, and skylights.

Flashing is installed around the roof’s perimeter to protect the wall. If damaged, water can leak through, and begin to cause water damage to your roof and commercial facility. This is also the case for skylights, which allow water damage when they are not sealed properly. To ensure complete safety and that the inspection is done properly, make sure you hire roofing contractors to see the cause of these issues.

Expert Commercial Roofers

Karbella Roofing is an expert roofing company serving Mentor, OH that is equipped with the industry-leading solutions and service needed for commercial roof repair or replacement. We understand the importance your roof has on your business, and we ensure that every project is completed with the highest standards available.

Poor commercial roofing can have a bad effect on business, and will continue to hurt the bottom line as time goes on. Water damage will go on to harm other assets in your building, so fixing your roof as soon as possible is important to protecting your company. Every single one of our team members holds the certifications and training needed to prevent this from continuing, and returning your roof to top form.

Free Estimates and Inspections are Available

When you call us, our team will come out and perform a thorough, detailed roof assessment and provide you with the best solutions for your situation. You can be sure that our materials will keep your roof water-tight to prevent leaks, and provide enhanced durability for years to come.

Don’t hesitate! Call us today at 440-742-2287 to learn more about how Karbella Roofing can provide the cost-effective and powerful solutions your roof needs to protect your building.