When do I need a new roof?

The useful life of a roof depends upon several factors including the type of roofing shingles uses. Asphalt shingles may last 20 years if they have been maintained well. Cedar shake shingles may function well for double that period. But the quality of materials used in the roofing system and the skill with which the installation was done also play a major role. You can be sure that you seriously need to consider replacing your roof if you notice leakage at several spots in the ceiling of your home. Large numbers of curling and decaying shingles are another sign that a roof has outlived its useful life.

Should I be concerned if small amounts of debris build up on my roof?

As a general rule small amount of debris on your roof should not present a problem if it is quickly removed. But if it remains there for an extended period it may turn into a soggy mass which will retain moisture and cause damage to the roofing system.

Can a new roof be built on an existing roof?

This is an acceptable practice subject to a few conditions. Firstly, the number of roofs should not exceed two. Secondly, the new roof should be fixed onto the roof deck and not to the old roof. Thirdly, the house should have the structural strength to bear the combined load of two roofs.

How should I choose a roofing services company?

Selection of a roofing services company should primarily be on the basis of past work done. You should speak to a few home-owners about the company that you are planning to engage and enquire about the quality of work and the time taken to complete it.

Which roofing shingle should I choose?

Asphalt shingles are the most common choice because of the wide variety of colors and designs in which they are available. They are also reasonably priced. Cedar shake shingles are popular for the elegant look that they give your house but they are more expensive. It is a good idea to consult your roofing services company to get an idea of the range of options available.

Do I need to replace my gutters and downspouts at the time of replacing my roof?

No, that is not necessary. Gutters and downspouts can be retained if they are in good condition. But if your gutters and downspouts are nearing their end of their useful life it is advisable to get them replaced at the same time as you are replacing your roof, because you can usually get a discount if the same roofing services company is supplying both.

Should I power-wash my roof to keep it clean?

No, power-washing will remove granules from the shingles and lead to their deterioration. We recommend our low pressure soft washing roof cleaning service.

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