There comes a point in every roof’s life that repairing it once again just won’t cut it this year. But, determining when your roof has had enough repair and needs a replacement can be tricky. The best way to determine if your roof needs replaced is to call in a Cleveland, Ohio roofing company or roof replacement professional to do an estimate. Look for these warning signs to decide whether this year is the year that you must replace your roof.

  1. Shingles are curling or buckling.
    Look closely at your shingles to determine whether they are curling or buckling. If you just notice a few of these, you may be able to repair or replace these shingles. However, this type of damage is a sign that your shingle has been protecting your house longer than they were created to do so. Shingles generally have the same useful life if they were all put on at the same time. That means that if several shingles are showing this sign of wear, it might be time to invest in roof replacement.
  2. Roof valley shingles are missing or deteriorating.
    The valleys in your roof are extremely important because snow and water will gather in this area. If your shingles are missing or seem to be falling apart, then a repair may be in order. If your roof valley has sat with these problems for some time, then water damage could compromise the integrity of your roof, which could result in rot and leaks.
  3. Shingle granules show up in the gutter.
    If granules of your shingles are appearing frequently in your gutter, that may be a sign that you need a new roof. These granules are a sign of wear, and shingles will lose more of these granules toward the end of their life cycle. You can also look for inconsistent coloring on your shingles, particularly darker colors, for a sign that your roof is nearing the end of its useful life.
  4. Look for wear inside your home.One of the most telling signs that you need a new roof will actually come from inside your home. Venture up to the attic to check for places where the roof deck is sagging or where you can see visible water damage. Dark spots are a good indicator of water damage. Of course, if you can see daylight through your roof, then that is good indication that a roof replacement will be in your future.

    One of the easiest ways to determine if you need roof replacement in Cleveland, Ohio is to determine the age of your roof. Your roof should be replaced about every 20 years or so, and Karbella Construction can help with this process. Call 440-742-2287 for a free estimate.