With spring just around the corner, you may be considering adding roof replacement or roof repair to your to-do list. The busy season for roofers is actually in the summer and fall, when the rainfall is less, but waiting this long can be more expensive. Getting roof repair in Cleveland, Ohio can be tricky in April or May, which are two of the heaviest rainfall months. However, March has less rainfall and may end up costing you less too—so if a new roof or roof repair is on your to-do list, you might want to get started right away!

Summer and Fall Pricing

When our busy season starts in the late summer and fall, prices occasionally go up too. Our suppliers know that many homeowners and businesses put off roof repair or replacement until the summer starts dwindling away. That also means that they know we will need supplies in larger quantities. They increase our supply prices during this time of the year, which may mean we have to increase our overall prices as well. This jump usually happens at the end of March or first part of April, so plan accordingly!

Dealing with Winter Damage

Spring is also a great time to consider roof repair or roof replacement because of the damage that may have occurred to your roof over the winter. Winter is hard on roofs and can cause rot, holes, and other damage. The weight of snow and ice can also cause shingle damage as well as more serious internal damage. Getting this fixed right away in the spring helps prevent further damage, particularly damage that relates to rainfall, wind, and severe weather.

Other Roof-Related Spring To-Dos

In addition to considering roof replacement or repair, you should also take time to clean out your gutters and remove any debris from your roof. Although this process isn’t particularly enjoyable, it will give you a chance to take a close look at your roof to see what kind of damage the winter has done. Cleaning out your gutters will allow water to flow better when the rainy season begins. This process will help prevent additional damage to your roof as well.

Taking good care of your roof is important to maintain the value of your home. In fact, roof repair and replacement can often increase the value of your home as well. If your spring inspection is making you consider a new roof or roof repair in Cleveland, Ohio, give us a call at 440-742-2287 for an estimate, and check one more thing off of your spring to-do list!