As the temperatures in Cleveland, Ohio steadily begin to decline, we find ourselves beginning to take a mental checklist of all of the things that we need to do in order to prep and prepare our homes for yet another presumably harsh winter in the midwest. While of course your windows are sealed and your garage has ample space for your vehicle, one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of winter preparation is the most important thing… The roof over your head! In this brief article we will be discussing the best method for preparing and ensuring that your roof will keep you and your family warm and dry over the duration of these next brutally long months.

Cleaning your gutters is the best place to start. The midwest is well-known for its beautiful fall scenery, however with that scenery comes gutters that are jam-packed with leaves and debris from the previous seasons. As this debris begins to build-up in your gutters it can lead to clogs in your downspouts and when water pours over your gutters from these clogs it can severely damage your siding, roof and trim. Additionally, the added weight alone can cause the anchors of the gutters to loosen from their anchor points and collapse. Save yourself the hassle and stress and make sure that your gutters are clean before the winter snow arrives!

Following-up on the importance of cleaning your gutters is that of ensuring that your roof as well is free and clear of all damaging debris. As debris gathers on your roof it can seal in mold, which leads to rot and will eventually destroy your homes roofing material. If you have experience and are comfortable walking across your roof and removing the clutter, clearing off your roof with a broom is the quickest way to clear it off. However, if you are not comfortable getting up there, your best bet is to be safe a call a professional in your area such as Karbella Construction.

Once your roof and gutters are cleaned up, you can in turn proceed with a visual inspection of your roof to check for damage and any signs of potential deterioration. Using a pair of binoculars (unless you are still on the roof following cleaning it), scan the area and be on the lookout for any missing shingles or ones that are beginning to or are already cracked. Some areas to pay special attention to are around your chimney, vent stacks, and skylights, as all of these areas are particularly prone to damaged flashing and are all prime areas for leaks. It is most definitely recommended to call a professional to conduct any flashing repairs that may be needed, as they can ensure that proper repairs are made.

While of course maintaining and care for the exterior of your roof is of the utmost importance, be sure to not forget to do an inspection and evaluation of the interior of your roof as well. If your attic or crawlspace does not maintain adequate airflow, you may in turn be faced with an increase in your energy bills, as well as a higher chance of roof leaks during the harsh winter snows. One thing to take into consideration is that when sunlight hits your roof, it increases the air temperature in your attic or crawlspace. If that particular area of your home is not equipped with vents that are located in the ridges, soffits, and gables of your roof, the heated air will begin to condensate, and will in turn cause damage from moisture as well as mold and rot in your home’s root support system.

Karabella Construction is the Cleveland area’s top choice for affordable and expert roof repair and we are now beginning our fall and winter roof inspections! If you have any questions or are needing additional assistance in terms of an evaluation, repairs or are interested in meeting with one of our trained specialists to receive and estimate, please feel free to give us as call at 440-742-2287, you’ll be more than happy you did!