As you very well know, the Cleveland area is all too often hit with harsh weather during the brutal months. And in living in a region of which is significantly prone to sub-zero temperatures, hefty ice formation and brutal snow storms, you will greatly benefit from a heated gutter guard for all of your snow and ice issues. While of course, you will significantly save your gutters from being torn from your home by way of ice and snow sliding from your roof, you will in turn protect your gutters from the accumulation of ice dams and additional possible snow damage which can occur in these freezing temperatures. This is article is aimed to explore what a valuable asset heated, no clog, gutter systems are for your home and specifically why they are so perfect for all that old-man winter has in store for the Cleveland, Ohio area this coming winter.

As the vast majority of homeowners are well aware, gutters are vitally important as they draw water away from the house while in turn assist in keeping the home’s basement dry. However, gutters often prove to be something of a hindrance. As if you are not cleaning out clogs of leaves and debris in the fall, during the winter you are fighting against barriers of ice and snow. Maintaining your gutter system is a vital to ensure the longevity of your home’s life; particularly throughout the winter months.

Gutters in the the the midwest have a higher likelihood of freezing and in turn forming an ice dam, which forms when the warmth of your home melts snow on top of your roof. As this area is the warmest part of your roof, melted snow runs down your roof towards the edge (the coldest part of your roof) which in turn causes the melted snow to refreeze. This refrozen snow starts to form a dam at the edge of the roof, typically in the gutters and downspouts. When dams form, continuing water flow will begin to backs up behind the wall thus forming a pool, which can leak into your home causing water damage to ceilings, walls, insulation and a number of other areas.

Heated gutter guards are the perfect resolution to all of this! Heated gutter guards are a great option to solve all of your snow and ice problems this season as not only do they melt ice dams, icicles, and snow loads on your gutters; they additionally melt ice approximately 1-3 inches from roof line which can keep both your gutter and the edge of your roof dry and free of worry throughout the winter season, while at the same time consistently filtering out leaves, pine needles and sand from your gutter throughout the year.

If you are planning and preparing your roof for the upcoming winter season, give us a call to review all of your options to ensure that your roof and home are protected this winter, and to see which heated, no clog gutter system may be the best option for your home!